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Auto DM

With Hypefury's Auto DM feature, you will no longer have to spend hours sending out hundreds of DMs to people who engage with your tweet. All it takes is a few clicks to get it done!

On the Standard plan, you can post 1 tweet with Auto DM per week and send up to 100 DMs per day. On the Premium plan, you can post unlimited tweets with Auto DM and send up to 200 DMs per day.

The Auto DM feature will work for 3 days from the time the tweet is posted, after that time no more DMs will be sent automatically. It may also take 30 minutes to start sending the DMs, after that, they will be sent in batches every 30 minutes.

To set up your Auto DM while composing a tweet, just head to your Advanced tab and toggle it on.

You can set the engagement on when to trigger the DM. It can either be a reply, a retweet, or both. If you have the reply turned on, you can also set a keyword to be applied as an additional filter.

Replies are not case sensitive

All that is remaining is to add the actual DM (don't forget to add your links) and you're all set!

Note that Twitter's DM limit is only 500 per day and this feature will consume this limit

Sample Use Case

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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