Evergreen List is a curated list of your best performing tweets which you would like to be regularly re-tweeted based on your own schedule and/or in replacement of an empty slot in your Queue.

This is extremely useful for keeping your queue active and adding even more exposure to your old tweets with no effort at all!

Quick Introduction

How to add tweets to your Evergreen List

First method is if you don't have any Evergeen posts in the list. You can click on Set best tweets as Evergreen to allow Hypefury to generate your list automatically based on your history.

Second method is same as what was described in the video where you can add them from your history page through the Set as an Evergreen Post button.

Last method is when you are adding new tweets to your schedule. At this point, you can already make it an Evergreen Post before adding it to the Queue.

When using CSV upload, you can toggle adding the tweets to be imported as Evergreen. For more information, you can check this helpdesk article.

Evergreen slots

Evergreen slots are exclusively used by Evergreen Posts. These are marked in green on your Queue page and in your Posting Schedule.

Queue Page

Posting Schedule

For more information on how to add more Evergreen slots, you can check this helpdesk article.

Empty slots act as Evergreen Slots

When this feature is turned on, normal slots that are still empty during its trigger time will instead do an Evergreen Post. This is really useful when you want to keep your timeline active even if there are no scheduled tweet

Important Information

Hypefury will only retweet a post in the Evergreen List once a week maximum to avoid being treated as spam. This is regardless if it was posted through the evergreen slot or an empty normal slot.
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