The Recurrent Posts feature gives you the power to re-post (not retweet) the same content on a schedule in addition to your main queue.

Within it, you can also define Categories for different kinds of content to match a schedule that suits your own tweeting style.

Turning on Recurrent Posts

To turn on the feature, head over to your Settings page and you'll find options to toggle on:

Creating categories

You can create categories and assign categories to Posts (either Scheduled posts (in the Queue page) or already posted (from History page)).

Once you've got those, you can then create recurrent posts for those categories, these are published weekly automatically.

How the logic works

Recurrent Posts will grab a random tweet from a category and post it. There will be a 7-day delay until the same post can be re-posted.

After 7 or more days, posts can be reposted (not retweeted), by posting a new tweet that has the same content. It looks the same as before, except its a new unique tweet.

For a post to qualify to be reposted, it has to be at least 7 days old.

First use

When you first turn on Recurrent Posts and set up your posts, Hypefury may not publish anything.

This is because the 7-day delay must have passed for any original tweet to be used again for a new post of the same content.

This is to stay safe in line with Twitter for our tools as well as for your account.

On the Queue

When you create a Recurrent Post for a category that has posts you'll see those slots in the Queue page with the name of the category.

In the Settings page you can turn on/off the automatic recurrent posting under "Recurrent Posts Calendar"; this setting is visible only if the Categories feature is enabled.
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