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Threads are crazy powerful in today's Twitterverse. Threads, when used well, are becoming the alternative to blog articles, newsletters and sales pages.

With a carefully crafted thread, you can grab a readers attention and take them along a journey of your own design. And hopefully that means, you'll land conversions. Conversions like engagements, follows and link clicks!

Automatic splitting of long text into threads

Write your way. Paste and go!

On the Settings page of the app, you can find a setting for Long text splitting into a thread. When turned on, any huge block of text you paste into the Composer will be automatically split into items of a thread.

We detect the characters to meet the Twitter character limit per thread (280) and split it up accordingly.

With this feature, you can write your own way and in whatever tool you want to use.

When you're finally done tinkering and ready to schedule, just paste it into Hypefury and Add to Queue.

Pasting a huge block of text into Hypefury with automatic splitting!
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