Hypefury's Ghostwriting feature allows you and your account managers collaborate even better by introducing an approval process to seamlessly approve tweets and add them to the queue, or reject tweets to be revised by the ghostwriter.


Account Owner
As the account owner, you need to add your ghostwriter to as a manager account.

To add managers to your account, refer to How do I add an account manager?

Adding managers require a Premium subscription


As the Ghostwriter, after being added as a manager account, you also have to toggle the Ghostwriter feature on. To do that, go to your Settings page.

Toggle it on and enter your preferred name

Submitting drafts

To start writing tweets for your client, go to the Ghostwriting page in the left pane. Click on the client you want to submit a tweet to.


If you are ghostwriting for more than one account, you will see a list of the accounts here together with how many tweets are currently queued for them.

On the Notepad tab, you can start writing your tweets. To submit a tweet, highlight it and click on Queue.

Once you do, you will see it on your Pending tab.

Approving tweets

As the account owner, you will have access to the Ghostwriting Validation on your left pane.

The text will light up whenever there are pending tweets

Click on it to go the validation page. You will then be presented with the pending tweets where you can approve and add to queue, or reject.

To approve a tweet, click Add to Queue, it will then be added to the next available slot in your queue.

On the Ghostwriter account, it will show up under the Scheduled tab.

Rejecting tweets

You can also reject a tweet by click on the Reject button.

A popup window will appear where you can enter your reason for rejecting it, to help the ghostwriter write it better. Click Reject when you're done.

On the Ghostwriter account, the rejected tweet along with the reason will appear in the Rejected tab.

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