Linking your Gumroad account

For the Gumroad Sales feature to work, you first have to link your Gumroad account with Hypefury. To do so, head to ACCOUNT > Settings > Gumroad.

Clicking Connect will redirect you to Gumroad where you can log in and connect your account

Running your Gumroad Sale

Once you have your account linked, you can now head on to TOOLBOX > Gumroad Sales to start running your promotion.

Configuring your Promotion

On the Create a Sale window, you'll be able to configure the details of your promotion. Here are the quick description of each field.

Product - A dropdown field where you can select from your existing Gumroad products.
Discount Code Name - This will be the discount code that will be created in Gumroad. You can see the discount codes by going to your Product page in Gumroad and selecting the Checkout Tab.
Amount off - This will be the discount (in USD amount) given for that product
Target Sales - The maximum number of sales where the discount will apply to.
Sale Duration - The number of hours your sale will run.
Sale Start Time
Delay between replies - This will be the delay in which Hypefury will make replies to the original tweet.

A preview of the tweet will also be shown so you will have an idea on how it would look like.

Tweet was designed to show urgency for your sale

You can further customize your sale by turning on Quote tweet reminder and changing the wordings for the alerts and reminders.

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