With Hypefury, you can automatically add a follow-up tweet (also known as a "tweet plug") when your post hits a certain engagement level that you define.

This is what Automatically add a follow-up tweet toggle looks like inside the composer

Hypefury will wait until the engagement condition has been reached. In this example above, it's waiting for 10 Retweets to happen.

Once that happens, Hypefury will automatically add another follow-up tweet to the thread. The contents of the follow-up tweet are what you write into the additional input field.

This is powerful for those of you that want to direct your audience to take a further action.

Some of our top accounts use it to direct their audience to their newsletter sign-up, their Gumroad course or their downloadable ebook.

If you're getting started with this feature, we'd recommend to set the engagement condition to what you would consider higher than average.

The idea is to get follow-up tweets on your posts which are very popular, but not every single tweet. Otherwise it gets old pretty quick for your followers. Keep things fresh!

Load from template

After you have written out a follow-up tweet, you can give it a name and save it.

With this, you'd be able to create multiple follow-up templates and select the most appropriate one when composing your tweet.

If you just want to use one variant you don't need to save as a template, as Hypefury will always remember the last follow-up tweet you used and automatically populate it. But it would only be used if you toggle this feature ON when composing.
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