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How do I add a "Send us a private message" button on my tweets with Hypefury?

Twitter has a slightly secret feature whereby you can add a button to the end of your tweet titled "Send us a private message":

A preview of what the "Send us a private message" tweet looks like

For this to work, your account should have Allow message requests from anyone turned on. You can find the instructions in this article.

To do this, you need to use a special URL that Twitter recognises to start a direct message to yourself.

The full instructions exist on Twitter's Help Center here. The application of this feature with Twitter could change.

Simply write out your tweet as normal and leave space for a unique URL to be added at the end.

The special URL

The URL is a combination of the action request to Twitter to start a direct message, along with your account's numeric ID.

It starts with:

To the end of this URL, you add your account numeric ID.

Where to get your account's numeric ID

The easiest way to get your numeric ID is using an online tool. There's many available, but right now we recommend this one powered by The Code of a Ninja.

Just enter your Twitter username in the tool and you'll be provided with your account numeric ID.

Then just add this to the end of the special URL and you have the power to create a "Send us a private message" button in your tweet.

For example, the full URL for the @hypefury Twitter account looks like:

Using this feature with Hypefury

You can use this special URL in a regular tweet on the Twitter native platform. But you can also use this exactly the same way and schedule a tweet like this with Hypefury.

Just compose your tweet with the format, which looks like:

Composing the "Send us a private message" tweet with Hypefury

And once it's posted to your timeline, it'll appear on Twitter with the button intact:

This is how Twitter handles the special URL to create a "Send us a private message" tweet

And that's it! This is a severely underused feature with many people and we know from experience that the real magic happens in the DMs. Engaging and building relationships is more than just sending out tweets.

Private communication fosters friendships that last a lifetime and benefit your potential growth. So make it happen!

Updated on: 13/07/2021

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