Adding an account manager is incredibly helpful, especially if you want someone to help you with your scheduling, posting and composing needs.

Manager Accounts are exclusive for Premium Users.

How to add an account manager.

In order to add someone as an account manger to your Hypefury account you will need to go into your Account page>

Account Manager

>and click on Settings.


From here you will see the account manager section labeled as "Account Manger".

Add Account Manager

Next you will click on "Add Manager" and you will see that you are given a link that you can share.

Click on "Add Manager"

Once the other party clicks on this link they will be taken through the Hypefury sign-up process and then they will have access to your Hypefury account.

After the trial period of the manager account expires, it will still be able to access Hypefury and the account being managed but the features will be disabled for the manager account.

How your new manager will access your accounts.

To access the Primary account, just click the profile name and it will give you a drop down of users that are either managed accounts or additional accounts.

What is the difference between Manager Account and Additional Account?

Unlike Additional Accounts, Manager accounts will not count towards your additional account limit so you can add as much as you need. Manager accounts will also not inherit the subscription of the Primary Account.
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