To help you work on your engagement, Hypefury added a new feature to allow you to schedule a reply for both your tweets and other people's tweets. Below is a quick demo on how to do this.

Step by step guide

Copy the tweet's unique URL of the tweet you want to reply to. If you don't know how to copy a tweets' url, you can check out this article: How do I find a tweet's unique URL?.

Next, login to Hypefury and on the Queue page, select a time slot where you want to schedule your reply, and click the Reply button.

This will bring up the Reply Composer window which will allow you to compose your tweet reply.

On the first text box, copy the tweet's unique URL from Step 1. Hypefury will pull the tweet and display it for your convenience.

Once you're done writing your reply, you can then click Add to Queue to save it on the selected time slot or Post Now to immediately post it to Twitter.

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