Hypefury has two methods for Instagram sharing. The default method is that Hypefury will send you an Insta-shot by email, and the other is direct automatic publishing for Instagram Business accounts. Keep reading to find out the difference and how to set them up.

The Insta-shot feature generates an Instagram ready image from your tweets so you can easily share to Instagram and grow your social audiences!

How does Share on Instagram work?

When composing a post, you will have the option to select "Share on Instagram".

Toggle on "Share on Instagram"

Once your post is published to Twitter, Hypefury will generate an Instagram shareable version of your tweet (what we call an "Insta-shot" or sometimes known as a "Tweet-shot").

What does the Insta-shot look like?

Here's an example of what an Insta-shot can look like:

Shareable Instagram Content

There are two methods Hypefury can use for Instagram publishing.

Insta-shot by email (default method)

By default, Hypefury will generate your Insta-shot and email it to you.

By default we use the email you originally signed up with. You can check it on your Settings page and reach out to support if you need to change it.
Clicking on the button inside the email will open up Hypefury in your native browser showing you your Insta-shot and an input box to enter your caption for Instagram.

Get your Insta-shot ready for sharing on Instagram

Tip: This functionality is designed for using on mobile. So it usually works best to open the email on your mobile in your native mobile browser as this will direct you correctly to the Instagram app (if installed on your device) for sharing.
Now you should be good to go when sharing your Tweets to your Instagram feed.

Tap Share on Instagram and Hypefury will direct you over to Instagram to create a new post with your Insta-shot!

I can't find the Insta-shot email

Don't see an email? Make sure you actually turned on Share on Instagram for your post and double check your spam folder.
Check your inbox for an email that looks like the following:

Hypefury email with your Insta-shot!

Instagram Direct Publishing (Business account method)

If you have an Instagram Business account, you can connect Hypefury directly to it. This allows Hypefury to skip the Insta-shot by email method and instead automatically posts your Insta-shot straight to your Instagram profile.

Connect your Instagram using this button in Settings

After clicking the button, you'll open a popup to connect to your Instagram Business account (via Facebook) by logging in to Facebook and authorizing access.

Through Facebook, you can pick the Instagram Business account you want to connect to Hypefury

The process may ask you if you want to connect a Facebook Page, too. You should select the Facebook Page that is connected to your Instagram account that you want to use.

Allow permissions for Hypefury to publish on your behalf.

Follow the steps in the authorization process and you'll successfully connect Hypefury with your Instagram. If you're having any problems, just reach out to support.

Error: Instagram account isn't linked to a Facebook Page

In order for the automatic Instagram publishing to work with Hypefury, you'll need to be using an Instagram Business account that is also linked with a Facebook Page.

This allows for Hypefury to have the full permissions necessary to publish to Instagram on your behalf.

This error might appear if your Instagram Business account is not linked to a business Facebook Page

You can resolve issues with this in advance by following these instructions to make sure your Instagram Business account also has an associated Facebook page.

Instagram direct publishing allows for us to automatically post to your Instagram up to 24 times per day.

Customize your Insta-shot's

You can customize your Insta-shot from your Settings page, look for the "**Customize your Insta-shot images**" button.

From here, you can change how your name appears on your Insta-shot, choose a custom background color or upload a background image to use instead.

Customization options for Insta-shot's

Remove Hypefury branding

Removing Hypefury brandng is a Premium only feature!
Further down on your Settings page, you can also find the toggle to disable Hypefury branding appearing on your Insta-shot's:

Remove Hypefury branding

You now know everything there is to know about the Hypefury Insta-shot feature!
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