Hypefury's Instagram Integration allows you to either cross-post your tweets to Instagram, or schedule an Instagram-exclusive post.

To enable Hypefury to post automatically to your Instagram account using the Direct Method, please check the helpdesk article How do I connect my Instagram account to Hypefury?

Not on Business Account and still want to send your tweets to Instagram? Check out this helpdesk article on how you can receive your Insta-shot on your e-mail and share it from there.

Cross-posting to Instagram

To cross-post your tweet to Instagram, toggle on Share to Instagram from the Composer Window.

That will open a pop-up window where you can add a caption for your Instagram post.

Once your post is published to Twitter, Hypefury will automatically generate the Insta-shot and post it to your Instagram account.

Scheduling an Instagram post

To schedule an Instagram post, you need to first add your Instagram slots to your Posting Schedule.

To add slots to your Posting Schedule, please check this helpdesk article

On your Queue page, select the Instagram slot you'd like to use.

The Instagram composer window will show up where you can either upload your image or video, or pick a tweet from your history that would be turned into an IG compatible image (tweetshot).

Once you're finished, click on Schedule to add it to the selected slot.

Instagram slots only works with the Direct Method

Customizing your Insta-shot

To customize the appearance of your Insta-shot, please check this helpdesk article.

Instagram Auto-Share

Now you can easily share your best performing tweets to Instagram directly! Just go to your Queue page to enable it.

You can set your level of engagement to trigger the feature and the caption/hashtags you want to include

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