Looking to boost your professional profile? With Hypefury's LinkedIn integration, you would be able to schedule and send new posts to your LinkedIn profile!

With this integration you can do the following:

Cross-post your tweets or even threads to LinkedIn

Schedule a post that will only be exclusive for LinkedIn (NEW)

LinkedIn integration is exclusive for Premium Plan subscribers

Cross-posting your tweet

To cross-post your tweet you just need to toggle Share to LinkedIn when composing your tweet

Since LinkedIn doesn't have the same character limitation as Twitter, we also added an "override" if you'd want to add more details to your LinkedIn posts. You can also change whether it will be posted publicly or not.

For threads, all tweets will be merged to one post which you will also see in the Advanced tab

Posting Directly to LinkedIn

Hypefury now allows you to schedule LinkedIn exclusive posts, to do that, the first thing you have to do is add your LinkedIn Slots to your Posting Schedule.

For more information on adding slots, check out this helpdesk article Posting Schedule

Next is to go to your Queue and add your post by clicking on the LinkedIn slot

The LinkedIn composer will allow you to add your post and same as cross-posting, allow you to change it to either post publicly or privately.

Click on Schedule and that's it. You have scheduled your LinkedIn post!

Media Uploads

LinkedIn allows you to post either 1 video or 9 images. For cross-posting, any media uploaded to the tweet will be used, given that they adhere to that limit. For the LinkedIn slot, you will be able to upload your media through the upload button.

LinkedIn Autoplugs

Hypefury now lets you add an autoplug for your LinkedIn posts! For more details, you can check out this article.
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