Here is a quick video on how to build your Posting Schedule in Hypefury.

Step by step

To customize your time slots, you can head over to your Settings page, to do that look for your Profile picture in the Sidebar panel and click on it to see a menu and go to the Settings, then scroll down to the bottom for the Posting Schedule section.

Or, you can go directly to your Posting Schedule by clicking on the Calendar Icon on your Queue page.

From here, you can add a slot for the Queue or for the Evergreen Posts through the Day and Time Picker.

You can add a slot for tweets, Evergreen retweets, Instagram and LinkedIn posts

How can I delete a time slot?

You can click on a slot to remove it from your schedule.

Note: At least one slot should remain on each day, either a Queue slot or an Evergreen slot.

What will happen to the tweets in the Queue after changing the schedule?

After you make some changes to your Schedule, Hypefury will not touch the scheduled tweets in your Queue, unless you click Update. This will move all the scheduled tweets on the Queue to the top based on the new schedule.

Message will appear after making any change to the queue.
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