The Recurrent Posts feature gives you the power to re-post (not retweet) the same content on a schedule in addition to your main queue.

Within it, you can also define Categories for different kinds of content to match a schedule that suits your own tweeting style.

How to

Scheduling your Recurrent Posts

To start using the feature, head over to your Recurrent posts page where you'll see your Recurrent Post weekly schedule:

You can add a new schedule by clicking on any of the empty slots or the time slot where you want to add it. This will bring up a new window for adding the Recurrent Post schedule.

Choose Category - You can select from any existing category, or click Create New to create a new category for this time slot.
Select Day(s) - You can set the schedule to be added for one or multiple days a week.
Post At - You can choose the specific time it will go out.

Creating categories

Another way to create categories is through the Categories page. You can access this page by clicking Manage Categories on the top right hand corner of the Recurrent Posts page.

To add new categories, click New Category. This will bring up the Create a Category window where you can name your Category, and select a Color tag for it. Once you're done, just click Add Category to save it.

To see the list of posts that are added to a Category, click the category name and it will take you inside where you'll be able to browse through your assigned tweets.

Assigning Categories to tweets

There are multiple ways you can assign categories to tweets. First is for posted tweets, through the History page.

For an existing post to qualify to be reposted, it has to be at least 7 days old

Second is from the Composer window from the Queue page, by clicking on the Categories icon

Last is by adding a Recurrent Post directly to the category. You can do this by going to the Categories page, and either using the add post button on the right of the category name, or going inside your category and clicking New Post. They will both bring up the Composer window. When you're done, click Save Post too add it to your category.

Threads can be added same as the Queue Composer

A tweet can be assigned to multiple categories, but the same "tweet once in 7 days" restriction will be applied.

How the logic works

Recurrent Posts will grab atweet from a category and post it. But there are a few rules that Hypefury follows to make it more natural and not look repetitive.

Saved Recurrent Posts - As long as there are Saved Recurrent posts existing which are not yet sent before, they will always go out first.

Tweets that were already posted but not through Recurrent Posts.

Once all tweets in the category was posted through Recurrent Posts, it will then pick the oldest post from the list.

After 7 or more days, posts can be reposted (not retweeted), by posting a new tweet that has the same content. It looks the same as before, except its a new unique tweet.

There will be a 7-day delay until the same post can be re-posted to avoid being treated as spam.

First use

When you first turn on Recurrent Posts and set up your posts, Hypefury may not publish anything.

This is because the 7-day delay must have passed for the original tweet to be used again.

This is to stay in line with Twitter's ToS for our tools as well as for your account.

On the Queue

When you create a Recurrent Post for a category that has posts you'll see those slots in the Queue page with the name of the category.

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