Import large files into your Hypefury account; allowing you to import any tweets from any files you may have created over the years.

You can find the Upload CSV button in the ellipses submenu here.

Skip copying and pasting individual tweets for days on end, wondering which ones you have or haven’t already posted yet… All your content will be ready and waiting for you within moments!

Important notes

The Hypefury Composer is simple to use and gives you a better layout as well as an idea as to how your tweets will look.

When uploading your tweets via CSV files, be sure to arrange your tweets by cells i.e. First tweet of the day in cell A1, second tweet in cell A2. Also, populate only the first column, which is ‘Column A’ in excel. During the uploading process, only the tweets in the first column will be generated.

Given that Twitter has set its tweet limit to 280 characters, then if you populate a cell with over 280 characters or 50 words, they will be broken into multiple tweets during the uploading process. It is best practice to keep each tweet at 50 words or less.

It is advised not to edit your CSV files using a text editor. Doing so may result in your data being corrupted or being all over the place. Please be sure to use a Spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice to edit or view your CSV files.

LibreOffice is a free Office Suite product and is available on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. You can download the product from the following website:

Still having your tweets all over the place?

Please ensure that your cells are not delimited.

When a column is delimited, a character such as a comma (,) can separate a string of text. So in a cell where you have written “Nissan, Honda, Toyota and BMWs are great brands”, the cell will produce only the text “Nissan”. To remove the delimited operation from the column, do the following:

In a new Excel document, highlight the first column
select the Data tab at the top
Then select ‘Text to Columns’
You will see two options ‘Delimited’ and ‘Fixed Width’. Select ‘Fixed Width’.
Select ‘Finish’
Now go and write your tweets 😎

Upon exporting, your application may ask if you want to "use double quotes as a delimiter" or similar (single quotes, commas, etc). You should turn this off and try to have an exported version without delimiters.

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