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Threads are crazy powerful in today's Twitterverse. Threads, when used well, are becoming the alternative to blog articles, newsletters and sales pages.

With a carefully crafted thread, you can grab a readers attention and take them along a journey of your own design. And hopefully that means, you'll land conversions. Conversions like engagements, follows and link clicks!

Below are three methods that you can use to add

First Method

Second Method (Automatic splitting of long texts into threads)

Third Method (Full Screen Mode)

Adding a timed delay

To add a delay between each tweet in your thread, just head over to the Advanced tab, and enable Delay between Tweets.

You can select one of the preset time or set a custom number of minutes or hours for your thread.

Thread Finishers,

With the new thread finisher feature, you can automate adding a quote retweet of the first tweet of your thread at the end of it. It's automatically added or you can add it manually using the Thread Finisher button.

Thread Finishers works best for generating more impressions to your threads

Updated on: 03/06/2022

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