Hypefury allows you to set automatic retweets of your tweets based on your required engagement level. You can set the Global booster which will apply to all of your tweets even those made outside of Hypefury. We also have the tweet-specific booster which is exclusive only for the queued tweet you set it on to.

Global Tweet Booster

To set your Global Tweet Booster, open the feature sidebar from the right side of the page and click on Tweet Booster Settings.

Feature Sidebar

This will bring the Tweet Booster pop-up window where you can set your Delay and Like/Retweet threshold.

Tweet Booster Window

Delay - You can select multiple intervals as you want up to 48 hours.


Retweets/Likes - You can select whether to check the number of likes or retweets and the number threshold.


Tweet-specific Tweet Booster

With the new tweet-specific Tweet Booster, you will now be able to set on individual booster settings for your queued tweets. To set it up, toggle the Tweet Booster switch in your Composer Window.

Tweet Booster toggle in Composer Window

A pop-up window will open for you to set the delay time and the required threshold, same as the Global Booster settings.

Tweet-specific Booster Settings

Tweet-specific Tweet Booster overrides your Global Tweet Booster setting

Why is the retweet appearing on my Queue?

Hypefury adds a placeholder on the Queue so you will be able to see when exactly it's going to be retweeted. These placeholders can be identified by looking at the retweet icon and threshold next to the time slot.

Tweet Booster Placeholder

Once the time slot is reached, Hypefury will check the criteria you entered. If threshold for retweets/likes are met, the retweet will send out to Twitter. Otherwise, it will be deleted from the queue.
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