Hypefury allows you to bring your old tweets to life by letting you upload your own Twitter Archive and add them to your Queue.

First step is to request and download your Twitter Archive.

To download your Twitter Archive, check out How do I download my twitter archive?

Once you have downloaded the archive file (.zip), you can extract it to your computer and go to data folder. Look for the tweet.js file.

On Hypefury, go to Toolbox > Archive Uploader.

Archive Uploader

Drop your tweet or click on the Upload area to upload your tweet.

Once upload is complete, you will be presented with the list of your tweets.

Select the tweets you'd like to add to your queue by ticking on them. If you'd like to also add the new tweet to your Evergreen list, toggle Set as Evergreen.

When you're done, click Add to Queue to add it to the next available slots.

Queue Page
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