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Twitter Autoplugs

With Hypefury, you can automatically add a follow-up tweet (also known as an "autoplug") when your post hits a certain engagement level that you define. This is powerful for those of you that want to direct your audience to take a further action.

You can define a Global Autoplug or a tweet-specific Autoplug. Read on to find more details about each.

Global Autoplugs

Global autoplugs will take effect for all your tweets regardless of whether it was posted through Hypefury or not. To configure this, just open up the feature sidebar at the right of the page, and choose Autoplugs.

Feature Sidebar

Once you turn on the feature, you will be presented with the following options:

Autoplug Window

Autoplug text - Here you can enter the tweet that will automatically be added once the threshold is met. More than one tweet can be added and it will be selected at random. To add more, click the Add autoplug tweet (+) icon.

% of tweet to Autoplug - The percentage of your tweets where the Autoplug will apply. By changing this setting, Hypefury will automatically calculate the number of likes that are needed to trigger the autoplugs based on your history average.

Global Autoplug Advanced Settings

Only post after - The threshold number for likes/retweet. This is directly linked to the % of tweets and will override the value entered there. You can use this field to override the number set by Hypefury.

Prioritize global-autoplugs over tweet-specific ones - To default whether the global or the tweet-specific autoplug will be prioritized.

Only autoplug if I haven't manually replied to this tweet - If turned on, you will be asked to input a delay which will be checked by Hypefury. If you manually reply to the tweet during this delay, then the autoplug will not fire.

Note that for tweets posted outside of Hypefury, there will be a delay on when Autoplug works. Usually about 10 - 20 minutes.

Tweet-specific Autoplug

This works the same as Global Autoplug but you will be adding a tweet-plug specific only to the tweet you add this to.
You can add this kind of autoplug from your Composer window by going to the Advanced settings.

Autoplug settings will be defaulted to the last tweet-specific autoplug you added

Load from template

After you have written out a follow-up tweet, you can give it a name and save it. With this, you'd be able to create multiple follow-up templates and select the most appropriate one when composing your tweet to add a tweet-specific autoplug.

If you just want to use one variant you don't need to save as a template, as Hypefury will always remember the last follow-up tweet you used and automatically populate it. But it would only be used if you toggle this feature ON when composing.

Sample Use Case

Some of our top accounts use it to direct their audience to their newsletter sign-up, their Gumroad course or their downloadable ebook.

If you're getting started with this feature, we recommend to set the engagement condition to what you would consider higher than average.

The idea is to get autoplugs on your posts which are very popular, but not every single tweet. Otherwise it gets old pretty quick for your followers. Keep things fresh!

Autoplugs Metrics

To see what which of your autoplugs tweets works best, head to your Autoplug Metrics under the Track category.


From here, you will be able to check the stats for each of your autoplug tweets so you can tweak it even further.

Autoplug Metrics

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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