Hypefury has two great features that make Evergreen Posts really valuable:

Auto Retweets of your Standard Posting Schedule, and
Evergreen Slots

Auto Retweets

In your Settings page, you'll find an option to toggle on or off the Auto Retweets feature.

This feature tells Hypefury whether to automatically retweet a post from your Evergreen Posts tweets, or not, when it finds an empty slot in your Standard queue.

Evergreen Slots

In your Settings page, you'll also find options in your Posting Schedule to add what are known as Evergreen Slots.

These are special uneditable slots in your queue that exist purely to automatically retweet something from your Evergreen Posts.

Evergreen Slots are unaffected by the Auto Retweets feature in Settings.

Whilst both features will automatically retweet something from Evergreen Posts**, t**he two features are separate and can work either in tandem, or not at all - the choice is yours.
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