Yes! You can use multiple Twitter handles with Hypefury.

At the moment, we don't have a multi-account feature in Hypefury. You need to sign in to Hypefury with each Twitter handle seperately.

Free Trial

When you sign in with a new Twitter handle, you'll get a completely free 14-day trial. We don't ask for your card details to give you the trial, so you won't be charged when it ends unless you start a subscription.

So you can get started using Hypefury on as many handles as you like straight away.

How many Twitter handles can I use?

On a Standard subscription, we can give you coupons (of the same total monthly value) for two additional accounts for free. Totalling three accounts under one Standard subscription.

On a Premium subscription, we can give you coupons (of the same total monthly value) for five additional accounts for free. Totalling six accounts under one Premium subscription.

How do I setup multiple handles under one subscription?

We first recommend that you use our free 14-day trial period to make sure Hypefury is the right option for all your accounts. Just sign in with each Twitter handle to get started using Hypefury on any handle straight away.

When you've decided Hypefury is right for you, reach out to our support and provide the following information:

The @handle of the primary account that your subscription is under
The @handle's of any additional ones you want to connect with your main subscription

You'll need to create a free trial account for each handle before trying to connect it to your main subscription. If it doesn't exist in our database yet, we can't connect it!

Once we have this information, we'll add 100% off coupons to your additional handles that you can start a subscription with (in Billing) and you won't be charged. You'll still need to add a card for the additional subscription to start, but we won't charge it unless the coupon expires. If that happens, just reach out to support.
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