Some common web browsers have built in content and ad blockers and many people also use additional extensions in their browsers for this purpose.

Unfortunately, some content and ad blocking tools can cause problems with the Hypefury app and they need to be disabled or the Hypefury website needs to be whitelisted.

In this article you can find the instructions for disabling blockers and/or whitelisting the Hypefury app for different browsers and tools which can alleviate a lot of common issues.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser on the planet. Because of that, there are many extensions that exist that can cause issues with using the Hypefury app.

These can include:

ad blocker extensions
privacy tools

Let's go over some of the common issues that can appear and cause a problem.

Google Chrome blocking pop-up windows

Chrome usually by default has pop-ups blocked for the sites you visit. This is a basic way of stopping websites from spamming you and opening new tabs or windows without your permission.

Sometimes this can cause distinct issues with the Hypefury app, particularly when trying to connect other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram because Hypefury needs to open a pop-up for you to connect the additional accounts.

You can whitelist pop-ups for Hypefury in two ways.

Allow pop-ups for Hypefury on the page where pop-ups are blocked

Go to a page where pop-ups are blocked.
In the right side of the address bar, click Pop-up blocked (you'll see an icon)
Click the link for the pop-up you want to see.
To always see pop-ups for the site, select Always allow pop-ups and redirects from [site] and then Done.

Allow pop-ups for Hypefury in Settings

On your computer, open Chrome.
At the top right, click More. Settings.
Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.
Click Pop-ups and redirects.
From here, you can toggle on or off
At the top, you can turn the global setting to Allowed or Blocked for pop-ups
If your global setting is to block all pop-ups then you can whitelist Hypefury by adding [*.] to the Allow list

Ad Block or Ad Block Plus blocking Hypefury

Sometimes the Ad Block extensions can be too strict that they'll interfere with the code for Hypefury to work efficiently.

We recommend whitelisting Hypefury for your ad blocker:

If you're using Ad Block Chrome extension, see the creators instructions for How to disable AdBlock on specific sites
If you're using Ad Block Plus Chrome extension, see the creators instructions for Add a website to the whitelist


Latest versions of Safari have built-in "Content Blockers" which could cause issues in using the Hypefury app.

Safari Native Content Blockers on macOS

To whitelist Hypefury on your desktop (or laptop) in the Safari browser, follow these steps:

Load in your Safari browser (and sign in)
Once the site is fully loaded, hold down CTRL and click on the URL in the address bar
In the submenu that appears, click on "Settings for This Website..."
Click Settings for this website to open content blocker options
You'll now see more options and you can now untick "Enable content blockers"
Make sure to untick "Enable content blockers" to give Hypefury the permissions it needs to work best

Safari Native Content Blockers on iOS

By default, Safari iOS doesn't have a native content blocker. But it does have the ability to add external content blockers using third party apps that you install on your device.

If you use one of these content blockers and it is enabled (in Settings > Safari > Content Blockers) then you can disable it specifically for the Hypefury app.

Load in your mobile Safari browser (and sign in)
Tap on the aA icon in the top left of the browser URL window.
If you have a content blocker installed, you will see the option to Turn off Content Blockers

"Turn off Content Blockers" will only appear for the app if you have content blockers installed and enabled for your device
The site will reload and you'll now have content blockers disabled specifically for the Hypefury app!
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