Here is a quick video describing how Hypefury's Composer Window works:

Hypefury's Composer Window

From the Composer you will be building your content with the help of the text box and its different components as well as deciding the platform to cross-post to and enable other features.

Text Box

This is where you will be entering your tweet. On the text box, you'll have several options.

Choose Emoji Button - used to insert emojis.

Upload Media Button - used to upload media for your tweets.

Choose GIF Button - used to upload GIF. Check out this helpdesk article if you would like to upload your own GIFs.

Add a Poll - now you can add a poll to your tweets

Generate a quote Button - this will generate a random quote that would be added to your tweet.

Character Counter - This would show how many characters are already used.

Add Tweet Button - Click this to add another tweet which will make the tweet a thread.

For more information on threads, please refer to this helpdesk article.

Features Configuration

Here is where you can toggle on and off cross-posting to each available platform and enable other features.

Delay time for threads - you can add a delay time between tweets in a thread

Auto DM - enable and set up the Auto DMs feature

Autoplug - this will add a follow-up tweet specific to this tweet.

Auto Retweet (Tweet Booster) - you can set up the auto-retweet feature specific for the tweet you are writing.

Share to Instagram - share an Instashot of your tweet. To add and customize this integration, refer to this helpdesk article

Set an additional caption when sharing on Instagram

Share to LinkedIn - share your tweet to your LinkedIn account. Premium Subscription required.

Set the text that will be shared on LinkedIn

Share to Facebook - share your tweet on Facebook.

Set the text that will be shared on Facebook

Any changes made to this text will override the post that will be sent to LinkedIn or Facebook

Thread Finisher - now you can add a thread finisher at the end of your threads, quoting the first tweet.

Categories - save your tweet under one of your Recurrent posts categories.

Set as Evergreen - add the tweet to the Evergreen list

Add to Queue - schedule the tweet

Save as draft or Post Now - by clicking on the ⌃ icon you'll see the options to Save as Draft and Post Now

Focus Mode

To enable Focus Mode, click on the Full Screen button.

For more details on this amazing feature, refer to this helpdesk article.


This is where you can set a different schedule for your tweet. By default, the date and time assigned will be the next available slot in your Queue.

Inspirations (Only available on mobile browser)

The window will display a tweet from your history to serve as an inspiration and to give you an idea on what to tweet about.

For more details on how the Inspiration window works, please see this helpdesk article.
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