If you have an Instagram Business account, you can connect Hypefury directly to it. This allows Hypefury to automatically posts your Insta-shot straight to your Instagram profile.

To change your Instagram account to a Business account, please refer to this article.

For the APIs to work, the Instagram accounts should be a Professional Business Account and not a Creator Account.

To connect your Instagram account, head to your Settings page.

Connect your Instagram using this button in Settings

After clicking the button, you'll open a popup to connect to your Instagram Business account (via Facebook) by logging in to Facebook and authorizing access.

Through Facebook, you can pick the Instagram Business account you want to connect to Hypefury

The process may ask you if you want to connect a Facebook Page, too. You should select the Facebook Page that is connected to your Instagram account that you want to use.

Allow permissions for Hypefury to publish on your behalf.

Follow the steps in the authorization process and you'll successfully connect Hypefury with your Instagram. If you're having any problems, just reach out to support.

Error: Instagram account isn't linked to a Facebook Page

In order for the automatic Instagram publishing to work with Hypefury, you'll need to be using an Instagram Business account that is also linked with a Facebook Page.

This allows for Hypefury to have the full permissions necessary to publish to Instagram on your behalf.

This error might appear if your Instagram Business account is not linked to a business Facebook Page

You can resolve issues with this in advance by following these instructions to make sure your Instagram Business account also has an associated Facebook page.

Instagram direct publishing allows for us to automatically post to your Instagram up to 24 times per day.
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