The ability to Retweet other account's tweets is a Premium-only feature.

To schedule a retweet of another account's tweet, just look for an open slot in your Queue and select the Retweet symbol to the right of the slot:

Click this Retweet button to schedule a Retweet

Hypefury will show a popup for you to enter the Tweet's unique URL:

After you enter the tweet's URL, Hypefury will show you a preview before adding to Queue

How do I find the Tweet's unique URL?

To grab the URL, find the tweet you want to grab the URL for, and click or tap on the sharing button:

Look for the Sharing button next to the Tweet

Then just Copy link to Tweet:

Select "Copy link to Tweet" to get the Tweet's unique URL!

This same process works pretty much the same on the Twitter app, too. You'll find a Copy Link button after opening the Share Tweet menu.

Pro Tip: If you're using an Android device, and have the Hypefury (PWA) app installed on your device, you can Share the Tweet straight into the Hypefury app. When it opens Hypefury, it will automatically paste the link for you. Simples!
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