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How to use multiple Twitter handles with Hypefury

You can use multiple Twitter handles with Hypefury.

Each Standard plan subscription comes with up to a total of 3 Twitter handles that you can connect to Hypefury. Each Premium plan subscription comes with up to a total of 6 Twitter handles that you can connect to Hypefury.

If you're on a free trial, you get the same allowance as the Standard plan during your trial.

How to connect multiple handles with Hypefury

Step by step

Every Hypefury account is ready to connect multiple handles. Let's get started.

Choose your primary Twitter handle for your account

First you just need to decide which account is going to be your primary handle. This primary handle will be used for your contact details, support communication and most importantly handling your Billing and Subscription for the whole account.

Warning: Once you've chosen a Twitter handle to be your primary, you won't be able to change this later.

Once you've decided which handle you'll use as your primary (we recommend using your personal account and add business or brand handles on to it) then you're ready to begin.

Sign in with Twitter with each handle to create Hypefury data for it

Make sure you have created an account within Hypefury with each Twitter handle you are adding to your primary account.

The first thing you need to do is sign into Hypefury with each additional handle you want to be connected into a primary.

Hypefury requires there to be an already existing account for each additional Twitter handle you want to use - this is so we can connect them together.

You'll need to:
Log out of your currently active Hypefury account
Go to and switch to the next secondary handle you want to add to your primary Hypefury account
Go back to and "Sign in with Twitter" using the additional/secondary handle
This will create a Hypefury account in our database, which will allow us to connect handles together later
Repeat this process for any additional handles you want to connect to a primary

Reminder: You get 2 additional handles (3 total) on a Standard subscription and 5 additional handles (6 total) on a Premium subscription.

Connect your additional/secondary handles to your primary

Now that you have each additional handle setup in the Hypefury database, we can now connect them all to your primary!

To do that:
Sign in to Hypefury with your chosen primary handle
Check that your account subscription is active and working properly in the Billing page
Go back to and switch between your active handle on Twitter, this is so Hypefury can detect the active Twitter handle you want to connect for the next step
In the sidebar of Hypefury (on both desktop and mobile) look for your Twitter handle username and click or tap to open a new submenu
Inside the submenu, you'll see an option to "Add account"
Hypefury will attempt to open a pop-up or new window for you to connect your additional/secondary handle. If this isn't working, make sure to read this helpdesk article on whitelisting Hypefury in ad & content blockers
Double check the Twitter account that is currently active in connecting to Hypefury in the resulting pop-up or window, you may need to sign in to the Twitter handle you want to connect
You'll be brought back to Hypefury where the handle will be connected to your primary!
Repeat this process for each additional secondary handle you want to connect to your primary Hypefury account

If you see any error pop-ups inside of Hypefury, make sure to read them carefully as they will describe the reasoning if there is any problems connecting additional handles.

Some common errors you might encounter could be:
You have already connected the handle
The secondary handle you are trying to connect doesn't yet have a Hypefury account

If you come across these or any other errors, please make sure to read the steps in this article carefully from start to finish. If followed step-by-step, you shouldn't face any issues.

If we can help, just reach out to support via the in-app chat, DM us on Twitter, or email us!

Updated on: 05/09/2021

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