With Hypefury, you can schedule a retweet of your posted tweet on a daily basis with just a few clicks.

Adding the Retweet

To do this, just head over to your History page and go to the tweet you'd like to retweet.

Click on the vertical ellipsis and you will be presented with a few options. Click on Schedule Repeat

Schedule Repeat

Select the time and the end date for your retweet.

When you're finished, click Retweet X times. It will then be automatically added to your Queue.

Deleting the Retweet

To delete a scheduled retweet, just go to your Queue page and click on the Delete icon.

Delete Retweet

Why is my tweet not appearing in my History page?

For tweets made using Hypefury, you'll be able to immediately see it in your History page. Otherwise, it will be based on your subscription level. Standard user tweets are imported weekly, while Premium user tweets are done hourly.

For more info, you can check out this article.
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